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2022/02/28 13:52:18

Advanced See-Through Displays
Transparent OLED for Multiple Colors

The exquisite vapor deposition technology and optical design technology achieved the excellent transparence performance.
Various information is superimposed and displayed on a range of optical devices without reducing the background visibility.

Bright self-emission and non-display-state excellent transparency in combined

Our OLED produces bright images peculiar to self-emission devices. There is no background coloring nor dark-contrast decrease due to back/side lights.

Improved design flexibility by multi-color options and special wiring structures

Multi-color display which was difficult for transmissive LCD is now available, by utilizing the OLED characteristic of a self-light-emitting element together with our high-precision vapor deposition technology.

By adopting our exclusive wiring structure, it is now possible to achieve independent graphic emission for inner graphics without cutting off outer characters even if those inner graphics have a nested structure. Our OLED offers more display design options to meet designers' intention.

Slimming down on internal structure and optical designing

In the transmissive/light emitting display using the conventional LCD, the display device is placed outside the finder optical path with the backlight. Thus, not only a large number of peripheral parts but also an optical system to project display images is required to be incorporated in your equipment, which leads to more complication and enlargement of the internal structure.

Transmissive type OLED device capable of transmitting/emitting light without using the backlight can be directly incorporated into the viewfinder optical path, eliminating the projection optical system. Thus, it greatly simplifies and trims down the internal structure of your equipment and contributes to labor saving of the internal optical design.

Having Brightness As Well As Elaboration
High Luminance Dot-Matrix OLED

Superior, sharper graphics standing out in the deep black background without showing display frames.
High definition/luminance dot-matrix OLED beyond the limits of conventional PM-OLED.
Approximately twice the brightness on our conventional one.

Special panel designed for high luminance and drive/control technologies

In the dot-matrix type PM-OLED which is duty-driving self-emission elements, the display luminance tends to decrease as the display area size/dots increase.

We made it possible to achieve the high definition/luminance dot-matrix type OLED beyond the conventional limits in the display industry because we have consolidated special technologies for the display panel design and its drive/control to achieve nearly doubled luminance compared with the conventional ratio by halving the number of scanning lines of dot matrix based on our white-color emitting elements which is the highest performance level in the industry as mass-produced products.

Manipulate Organic Light
Microcavity OLED

Microresonator structure realized both the sharpening wide OLED Emission Spectrum and high output. We create "light" to meet customers' needs such as improving Color purity and specific wavelength light-emitting elements.

Ultra-High Luminance / High Color Purity beyond the OLED limits

Nanometer-size resonator structure is unified into OLED by using our high layer forming technologies.

OLED emission spectrum is sharpened without ancillary parts like optical filters or micro-lenses, and light output is improved significantly.

As a result, the extreme High Luminance and High Color Purity achieved, superior to any of the traditional OLED.

The unique light source possibility brought by OLED and Monolithic Integration

While having the uniform light-emitting surface as OLED feature, the Monolithic Integration structure unified OLED and resonator on a glass substrate creates new values such as angle-narrowing and high-powering light radiation.

Combined with high-definition pattern processing, homogeneous and high-power light source can be arranged free-form planimetrically.

Application possibility can be expanded for special purpose light sources such as array light-emitting devices and highly visible beacon-lights.

To The Ultimate Thinnest Ever
Ultra-Thin OLED

Achieving an outstanding thinness by our original OLED sealing and back protection structures.
We fulfill diverse demands with the thinnest display in the PM-OLED industry.

0.1 mm panel thinness challenge. Unified component enabled Ultra-Thin display.

The ordinary OLED device structure, with the glass substrate and the hollow-structured sealing piece pasted together by adhesive, is a reasonable structure to prevent from both external moisture penetration and external force. However, in order to produce flexible and bendable devices, these fundamentals needed to be drastically reviewed.

We eliminate the back-sealing piece by combing our original thin-layer sealing and protection structure, and also unify main components constituting the display thickness to achieve 0.1mm thickness, the thinnest in the PM-OLED industry.

Even thin, highly durable. Glass substrate enables high temperature and high humidity reliability.

Since a resin substrate generally used as flexible OLED is inferior in water vapor barrier properties, it is used with a passivation film added. However, there is a fatal defect that it tends to cause degradation of reliability due to the moisture penetration and the deterioration from the defective area of passivation film.

We adopted glass as a base material and ensure the reliability of moisture vapor barrier just like the ordinary type OLED. By thinning the glass, we ensure its durability even in the bent situation.

Beyond the Boundaries of Conventional Limit
Four-Sides Ultra Narrow Bezel OLED

New values of PM-OLED provided by highly-accurate process and innovation of drive circuit mounting technology.
With the Four-Sides Ultra-Narrow Bezel structure, the display’s occupied space is trimmed down and the mount flexibility is reinforced.

Four-sides narrow bezel structure for finest full color display

The highly-accurate material adoption, the sophisticating panel production technology and the wire bonding technology realized the sealing and wiring area narrowed to its utmost.

RGB full color image fully expanded to panel edge creates a sophisticated impression far beyond the limits of conventional PM-OLED.

By using our Narrow Bezel OLED, no need to cover non-active frame area, and it allows to mount display on limited housing space.

Even with multiple bezels realize high density and flexible layout

OLED display with ultra-narrow bezel can show even more true value by using multiple side by side.

It contributes to your application improvements of design and functionality by not only enabling high density layout on flat section, but also setting up with vertical difference on display surface or orthogonally at your application corner.

Giving Shape to Your Ideas
Free-Form OLED

A Shift from “Adapting the casing design to the box-shaped displays” to
“The displays adapting to the casing design”.

Integration with the free-form glass cutting technology and the module-design flexibility

Due to the product diversification with small displays, there are growing needs for special display shapes like chamfer or circular.

Using our most up-to-date glass cutting equipments corresponding to non-rectangular shape, we can offer the special shaped displays on your request, integrating with our long-held technology for the custom display module design.

Free-Form is also available with Transparent OLED displays as well as the standard OLED. We will realize a display for you that can maximize your product's casing design.

Realizes customization according to your application at low introductory costs
Semi-customizable Standard Product Lineup

Color Variations
- Customization of display colors -

Based on our standard product lineup (white monocolor), display colors (emission colors) can be changed. Color changes never sacrifice mountability and display content because the external form, display size, and resolution are identical to base models.

We offer a selection of 7 display colors in total, taking advantage of OLED-specific vivid colors. You can choose a display color that matches the design and application of your equipment.

Available Colors

Color Feature
WHITE Base color matches a wide range of equipment and applications with elegant colors.
BLUE* Dark blue coloration gives a unique atmosphere to the display.
SKY BLUE Clear blue-based color, excellent in visibility has a near-future sense in color tone.
GREEN Vivid colors and excellent contrast.
YELLOW Light emitting luminance easily increased for excellent colors and visibility.
ORANGE(AMBER)* Warm colors that reduce glare.
RED Vivid colors and excellent readability, suitable for warning displays, etc.

* The display luminance is lower compared with base models.

Multicolor Design
- Customization of displays that enables "effect color" -

By dividing the display area of our standard product lineup (white monocolor) and placing multicolored OLED elements, displays that are partly different in display color* can be arranged. This realizes greater expressive display representations, including proper use of a main display and an alert display and the effect color of the icon portion.

This is applicable not only for full-dot type displays but also character type displays.

Segment Display
- Customization of displays that faithfully reflect designs –

While the full-dot displays of our standard product lineup are adaptable to characters, graphics, and other universal displays, it is considered that sufficient resolution and legibility may not be obtained depending on your application such as cases where reproduction of icons and other designs is important, and in the case of complicated Kanji displays.

We can customize our standard product lineup to character type (fixed icon type) displays without changing their external forms and display sizes.

By creating icon-shaped light emitting pixels, it is possible to achieve sharp representations that faithfully reflect original designs. By dividing ON/OFF motion units within one icon, minimum dynamic representations such as a battery indicator and reception strength indication are possible.We offer high-visibility displays making full use of high contrast, a main feature of OLED displays.

Higher Luminance
- Customization of displays that pursue higher brightness –

In principle, dot-matrix type PMOLED displays comprised of duty-driving self-light-emitting elements are characterized by the fact that the maximum display luminance (brightness) decreases as the display area and the number of dots increase.

For our standard product lineup, white elements with the highest level of efficiency in the industry are adopted as mass-produced products, and some models can also be arranged to specifications with the display lumi-nance further improved by our unique technology (special panel design and drive/control technology) in combination.

We can offer displays suitable for applications requiring high luminance, in such cases where outdoor use or use in other bright places is assumed, and for the blackout designs that minimize "display frames" when not using the display.

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The former “Yonezawa Plant” of Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, the current SOAR CORPORATION,
succeeded in the world's first mass production of OLED
Tohoku Pioneer plans volume production of OLEDs | EE Times

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