OLED Display


Portable Blood Glucose Meters (BGMs)

OLED Display Applications – Examples
Portable Blood Glucose Meters (BGMs)
BGMs are used by individuals as a tool to measure blood sugar levels.
We can understand the effects of diet, exercise, and medication by knowing the blood glucose level.
The following are examples of OLED displays used for portable BGMs.
  • Daily use of BGMs for diabetics

    Recording blood glucose fluctuations is important for people with diabetes. It is also useful for considering treatment policies.

    The OLED display is recommended for those who measure blood glucose multiple times a day because it has good visibility in all conditions.

    * Reference
    ( https://www.diabetes.co.jp/dac/coexistence/basic)

  • For people with vision impairments

    If blood glucose levels continue to be high, there is a risk of various diabetic complications which can affect the eyes.
    Some people may have poor eyesight. We support those with diabetes by providing clear-cut texts produced with an OLED display.

    * Reference

Comparison of LCD and OLED
  • Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)
    LCDs without backlight can only be visible in places under light sources.
  • OLED Display

    As OLED displays emit characters only, it is easy to see clearly in both bright and dark places.
    SOAR's OLED uses high-precision deposition technology. Unlike LCD, OLED does not use RGB color filters.
    Therefore, it is possible to have lower power consumption and longer lifetime.