OLED Display


Laser Rangefinders

OLED Display Applications – Examples
Laser Rangefinders
"I want to know the exact distance to the green somehow…"
A laser rangefinder plays a useful role in such a golf scene.
The following are examples of OLED displays used for laser rangefinders.
  • How many yards to the green?

    At the second shot after the tee shot, which club should I use next?

    The most important information in such a case is "the remaining distance".

    A laser rangefinder is an essential item at a golf course you go to for the first time.

  • Transparent OLED in the viewfinder

    When you look into the viewfinder of a laser rangefinder, Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) with monochrome is mainly used.

    However, a transparent OLED display makes it possible to produce a colored presentation.

Comparison of LCD and OLED
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

    Texts produced by LCD in the viewfinder are black.

    In a landscape like the photo above, the displayed information blends into the background. It would be difficult to recognize the accurate distance.

  • OLED Display

    OLED with multiple colors can be clearly seen unlike monochrome texts.

    SOAR's OLED produces multicolor displays without using a RGB color filter because it uses the deposition technology. Furthermore, by making full use of the technical expertise of optical design, it is possible to make wiring patterns and non-emitting segments less visible.

    It is simple to use and less stressful due to the clear display provided within the viewfinder.