OLED Display


Interchangeable Lenses for Cameras

OLED Display Applications – Examples
Interchangeable Lenses for Cameras
Mirrorless cameras can take high-quality pictures even though it has a lightweight body.
Therefore, it is popular with a variety of age groups. The following are examples of OLED displays used for information displays of lenses in mirrorless cameras.
  • Information display is essential.

    Various information such as F-number, shooting distance and depth of field shown on the viewfinder are essential for photographers.

    However, when shooting for a long time, it is troublesome to look into the viewfinder many times to check this information.

  • Without looking into the viewfinder

    With an OLED display embedded on the lens,
    users can check the essential information without looking into the viewfinder.

    Unlike Liquid Crystal Display(LCD), thin and lightweight OLED displays fit into the limited space of interchangeable lenses.
    Small texts can be seen clearly and distinctly.

  • Clarity in darker settings

    Since an OLED display emits information texts only, users can understand the essential information for taking photographs.

    Also, because an OLED display has no backlight, the background is completely black making texts stand out. This is also one of the reasons why it is easy to see.

    In addition, an OLED display is turned on quickly under both cold and hot temperatures. So users do not miss good opportunities to take photographs.

    SOAR's OLED is high quality, thin and lightweight. It's ideal for products that you want to carry around, like a camera.